The world we strive for ...

*  More opportunities for women to play the game professionally

*  Every girl who wants to play can do so

*  Adequate and appropriate access to facilities

*  The number of women in executive and management positions in pro and semi-pro football the same as, or even exceeded, best practice


*  Women working in football are confident, empowered, valued and championed in their workplace


*  Women volunteers are recognised and appreciated


*  More elite level women coaches, as well as grassroots women coaches with appropriate qualifications


*  More women working in football journalism and commentary positions - not in a 'token woman' role on set, but actual journalism and commentary.


Join us as we strive to help turn this into reality.


We are a network of women and men working in and around the football industry in Australia, either professionally or voluntarily, who support and champion women and girls in the game.

The game would not be the success it is today without women, be that as players, administrators, volunteers, technical personnel or in the media. 


By sharing our experience, we hope to encourage more women to get involved in football across the board, and work towards eliminating the 'grass ceiling'.


Importantly, now that the Constitution of Football Federation Australia (FFA) has mandated greater gender representation across all levels of football through the 40/40/20 requirement, we intend to implement practical steps to achieve it. 


We aim to address the gender imbalance in the game and improve the representation of women in the game, by challenging barriers to greater participation, lobbying for change in football, and refashioning attitudes towards women working in football.

Football Pitch

"You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them."

Shonda Rhimes


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