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Football Job Board. 

Welcome to our Football Jobs Board, where we will post and share vacant positions within the football industry: from federations, clubs, media and elsewhere

We invite football organisations, or other organisations with jobs related to football to use the Women in Football website to advertise positions vacant, whether professional or volunteer.

For community clubs, this is a complimentary service. 


For NPL, A-League clubs, APFCA, AAFC, the PFA, state Member Federations and the FFA, there is a fee.

For further information about our advertising packages, please contact the Secretary, Vicki Morton at

  • Is Women in Football just for women?
    No, it's not. It's open to women and men but, as our Association's aims make clear and as we note on the front page of our website, our ambition is to support women in football, regardless of their role or whether they are working in it professionally or voluntarily.
  • Do I have to be working in football to join?
    Not at all. Women in Football is open to all who share our aims, regardless of whether you work directly with a football club - at any level - either professionally or as a volunteer. You might also work in the media, in an events or PR agency, as a medical profesisonal or sports scientist, in a management consultancy, in accountancy or legal, or any manner of areas that are involved with football. OR, you might want to work in any of those areas - in which case we hope we can help you get there.
  • How much does it cost to join?
    It costs $25 for an individual for a 12 month period.
  • Is there a discount if there is more than one person from one organisation?
    Yes, we are happy to offer a 10% discount for ten people or more from the same organisation (eg. a club). In this instance, please contact us at so we can make arrangements offline.
  • Do I have to be listed in the database?
    Not at all! It's entirely optional. Of course, we do need your basic information to keep in touch with you, but whether or not you complete the database information, and what you agree to be made public or not, is entirely up to you. When you join, you will receive a link to this and it's your choice entirely. You can also change your mind if you want to.
  • What do I get for my membership fee?
    We will keep in touch with a monthly e-newsletter. You can opt in or out of being listed on our database. We will continually advocate to FFA, state federations, A-League clubs, NPL clubs and others to help all parts of football reach the 40/40/20 statutory requirement under the FFA Constitution. You will receive priority access to Women in Football events, networking opportunities and seminars, as well as discounts to these. You will be invited to vote in the annual Women in Football Awards. Your contribution, ideas and input will always be welcome.
  • If I change my mind after I've paid, will I get a refund?"
    We are happy to refund you if you change your mind about joining us within 48 hours.
  • How can I get involved?
    We'd be delighted to have assistance from people in all states, cities and towns. If you'd like to do so, please get in touch with our Secretary, Vicki Morton, at
  • Can you help me get a job in football?
    We hope we can, and that's certainly one of the things we'll be aiming for. That is also why our database is part of what we have to offer. So often we've heard the men in power in football say "there are no suitable women ..." - and we don't agree. The database will help us show that there are *many* suitable women, and we'll also be inviting those employing people or needing people to serve on committees or boards or taskforces (or whatever) to get in touch with us so we can help. We'll also be helping to improve knowledge and skills by offering seminars and networking events from time-to-time.
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