What we do


Women in Football aims:

  • to challenge attitudes and to work to change behaviour towards and about girls and women in football

  • to push for greater representation of women at executive and management levels of the game

  • to advocate and lobby for women who are willing to serve on volunteer or professional football Boards

  • to celebrate the achievements of women in football

  • to collaborate with formal and informal, professional and volunteer organisations in football by sharing our experience and expertise, and

  • to provide mentoring, networking, education and professional development opportunities for women in football.


Advocacy & Education

We will advocate for increased representation on Boards, Committees, and senior management levels of the game from the top down.

Mentoring & Networking

We will provide opportunities for mentoring and networking for women with women and men involved in the game or areas of relevance to the game.

Professional Development

We will provide opportunities for professional development and education for women in the game or who aspire to be part of the game, professionally or voluntarily.


We will celebrate the achievements of women in the game and we will collaborate formally and informally by sharing our experience and expertise.

Research from McKinsey shows the common practices among high-performing organisations when it comes to greater gender equality and inclusiveness. These practices are:

  1. Build a strong case for change.

  2. Role-model a commitment to diversity, including with business partners.

  3. Redesign roles to enable flexible work, and normalise uptake across levels and genders.

  4. Actively sponsor rising women.

  5. Set a clear diversity aspiration, backed up by accountability.

  6. Support talent through life transitions.

  7. Ensure the infrastructure is in place to support a more inclusive and flexible workplace.

  8. Challenge traditional views of merit in recruitment and evaluation.

  9. Invest in frontline-leader capabilities to drive cultural change.

  10. Develop rising women and ensure experience in key roles.

We will work with the football industry in Australia to introduce these practices and to hold the industry accountable to them, whether that be in professional or community football organisations or the media.

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